Moldes Portugal 2016 Conference: Main Trends and Challenges for the Future

On the 30th September 2016, INglass took part in the “Moldes Portugal 2016” Conference: the initiative organized by CEFAMOL (the Portuguese Mouldmaking Industry Association) in Marinha Grande. The conference was an occasion to debate the main trends and perspectives about the development of the Tooling Industry worldwide. 

INglass was invited as global footprint company to take part to the panel named “Tooling Industry: an International Outlook”, by giving its vision on the present status of our Industry in different areas as well as its trends and challenges for the near future.  

Among the main topics of the speech given by Alessandra Bosco, Business Development Director of INglass: the main market segments overview for the future, the major countries involved in the growth of mold demand and type and the key factors for a toolmaker to grow on the global market.

The Conference involved entrepreneurs, customers, suppliers, universities, research centers and a wide range of Industry stakeholders.



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