Experimental degree thesis and field experience are a must to be competitive in the job market. Therefore INglass, which has always believed in young people and new ideas, offers interested undergraduates the chance to do their thesis inside the company, dealing with real-life applicable projects.
In this regard, we interviewed Anna, a young graduate in Management Engineering, who, after completing an internship, joined the INglass staff. We have decided to share her path to understand the steps necessary for easily integrating into the work environment and how to avoid missing precious opportunities.

1. Anna, you’ve been working at INglass for almost a year now. Would you like to tell us how you got in touch with the company and what was your course of study?

I graduated in March 2019 in Management Engineering in Udine. A few months earlier, in September 2018, I met the company. I’d always had the idea of doing an experimental thesis and INglass immediately appeared as the right organization to carry out this project. Shortly after, I started a training internship, which allowed me to combine two important aspects: the possibility of completing the degree thesis and the opportunity to gain experience in the field. An interesting and concrete path, which ended with my recruitment starting from April 2019.

2. What is the title of your thesis? Did you develop an innovative idea, or did you carry out a project already active inside the company?

The thesis, entitled Efficient Manufacturing Processes in Lean Manufacturing Optics, focused on a project already started in the company but was waiting to be developed: the efficiency of the lathe machines area and nozzles automated machining cell. With this analysis I studied in detail the manufacturing processes of this working centre in a lean perspective, to understand where improvements were needed. I analysed, for example, how to avoid waste, studying the actions that normally lead to the operator wasting time. Based on the critical issues that emerged, the production line was revised.

3. Did you find adequate support from the company and your tutor in this process? How do you rate your experience? Were you able to reconcile university and business needs?

What particularly surprised me is that there has never been any kind of barrier with my superiors. Whenever I needed explanations or insights, I always found the maximum availability from everyone. My tutor, who is also my current supervisor, was also the co-supervisor of the thesis and supported me along the way, helping me to integrate myself in the workplace.

4. Once you graduated, you joined INglass's Lean Department. Is your present job aligned with what you have studied? What are your duties?

Yes, the present role is in line with what I’ve studied. Currently, my task is not just to identify any manufacturing process criticalities and make improvements, but also to guide and form the right work group to help me carry out the projects.

5. Do you think the university has provided you with the right tools to deal with the world of work or did you find discrepancies?

I think that the Udine University interacts a lot with the job world to keep pace with the real needs of companies. Only in this way can students be adequately trained and have the right tools to enter a work environment. The Management Engineering course, for example, is very practical. Everything is faced in a practical way. We have always analysed many real cases of study, just to get to the heart of the matter and never stop on the surface.

6. What do you think are the benefits of belonging to a company like INglass?

Surely the fact of being part of a human, dynamic and dedicated teaching organization. Moreover, what I really appreciated is the fact that I was always involved in projects 100% right away. The company gave me not only a working method, but also taught me a lot about communication. I am thinking, for example, of how to relate to the various offices. In addition, INglass is an international company. At the moment, personally, I'm not interfacing abroad, but one day I'd like to. The improvements made are applied everywhere, considering that we have the same quality standards all over the world.

7. When the university path ends, I suppose that a world of uncertainties about the future opens up. Was this experience useful to help you understand what kind of work you most suites your preferences?

The university has always shared with us the will to look at something to understand how to improve it. They taught us never to be passive. So, I was already interested in this aspect. Then, only while doing, can you really understand what you're good at, what you're really capable of doing "with your hands".

8. Would you recommend this professional path to other students to enter the world of work? What advice would you give to other youths of your age?

Certainly, I would advise them to consider the opportunity to do an internship in a company as a real path to gain work experience and not just as a need to finish the thesis. In addition, I would recommend looking at these work experiences with interest and curiosity and an opportunity to enrich your personal experience. The university and the thesis end, sooner or later. This is why it is important to look beyond.

9. What are your long-term expectations?

I don't deny myself any opportunities and I don't always like doing the same things. I really liked INglass for this. It is a young and dynamic company. I like to continue this journey with the idea that you can end up anywhere.


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