INglass has always aimed to act responsibly and with a transparent attitude; in our everyday activities this open approach involves all our colleagues and everyone else we have to deal with. We believe in transparent and honest relationships. This is the reason why we display our decisions and company data through our Sustainability Report and Financial statement.

Economic sustainability

What are the company results in 2015? What is the company doing to sustain its business?

The Added Value (VA) represents the value created within the company with internal resources (human, technical and financial) available. In 2015, the Added Value percentage on the consolidated turnover was equivalent to approximately 55%. However, whereas Turnover increased by 46% compared to 2014, the net consolidated global Added Value increased by 29% compared to the previous year. In 2015, total investments within the Group increased considerably, reaching a value of 17% of consolidated turnover.



What behaviours does the company adopt to limit the impact that its activities have on the environment?
Our processes are not among the activities with high environmental impact as we do not use products and raw materials with high chemical risk. Environmental impact concerns the consumption of energy, water and fuel, the storage and disposal of waste and packaging, noise, air emissions and use of hazardous substances. Moreover we are fully committed to research new technical solutions enabling energy saving:

  • FLEXflow technology allows our customers to reduce the tonnage of their Injection Molding Machine with significant energy saving in production;
  • Usage of insulating materials and optimized geometric profiles for hot runner systems to avoid thermal dispersion;
  • Special technical solutions to mould bioplastics, renewable materials for lowering consumption of traditional materials
  • New moulds and hot runner systems to produce plastic parts with thinner walls reducing plastic parts weight and their disposal 


How does the company relate to its employees, customers and the community?

We firmly oppose any form of discrimination and we apply the same criteria when striving to select the best employees in every country where we operate. Training plays a key role in the company, in 2015 almost 30.000 hrs have been dedicated to newly recruited employees, but also to increase internal skills of existing staff. The company aims to achieve maximum safety in the workplace by applying all possible precautions and increasing the awareness through training on safety.

Our company guarantees continuous Customer support improvements through different web based tools that enable us to constantly monitor customers’ needs, product reliability and the quality of services offered by our service network. We always welcome new partnerships and support social projects not only through donations, but also by offering tangible support, including the involvement of our internal staff and their families. charity together with “I bambini delle fate” organisation, works with disabled people implementing sport and cultural initiatives useful for their rehabilitation, full dignity and involvement in the society.

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