Establishment of Incos

Maurizio Bazzo, established Incos (Industry Molds Construction), focusing on rotational multicolor and multicomponent molds for automotive lighting lenses.


Acquisition of A.S (Special Equipment)

A.S. (Special Equipment), acknowledged company in the hot runner field with an experience of more than 20 years.


Establishment of HRSflow

Establishment of HRSflow, division dedicated to the designing and production of hot runner systems for plastic injection molding


Fail Safe technology

The company register the patent for Fail Safe technology, double heaters and double thermocouples on the nozzles, revolutionizing the world of the hot runner systems.


Establishment of INglass

INglass, initially born as division of Plastic Glazing, dedicated to the production of molds for large polycarbonate areas, in 2006 INglass becomes the new brand name of the company group thanks to its high visibility acquired in the market for this technology.


Start of the production of control units

The company introduces to the market control units in order to monitor the complete injection molding process


Start of the production of SLM Selective Laser Melting inserts

HRSflow offers a unique service aimed at optimising the thermal performance in molds, through special inserts with specifically shaped geometry of cooling channels on the surface of the part to be molded.


Inauguration of the INglass production plant in China

Inauguration of the production plant in Hangzhou-China, in the area of Shanghai. The new plant has an area of 12.000 sq. meters, 9.600 dedicated only to the production area.


HRSflow Multitech

INglass introduces the Multitech Line dedicated to the production of multi-cavities system specifically developed for all those applications requiring fast cycle time and high production volumes.


Launch of the FLEXflow technology

FLEXflow is a servo driven valve gate that assures an accurate and stable control of the flow rate during the entire injection process. It is a step forward in the sequential injection molding process that will improve quality surfaces, provide optimal flow balancing and reduce warpage in the finished part.


Launch of QS1 project

The main goal of INglass is to be the worldwide leader in the quality of the service and products, pre and after sales. This is our most ambitious project. We called it “QS1”, Quality and Service first.


Acquisition of ERMO

INglass acquires ERMO, a French mold making company that is a leader in the production of high precision molds.


Opening of the new production plant in Michigan

INglass opens in Grand Rapids, Michigan its third production plant


Open to new challenges


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