Within INglass our people have always represented one of the most important resources for the pursuit of the corporate mission. For this reason the attention of the team is in the core of all the company processes. In our partners we search always the hallmarks of INglass: Flexibility, Continuous improvement, excellence and responsibility



What we offer

Challenging tasks, dynamic environment, and the possibility to grow within this dynamic international group. This is what awaits you if you decide to become part of our group:

Experience abroad

Do you want to have an experience abroad? INglass is the right choice! We have 5 production plants and 20 local branches in order to be closer to our customers, for this reason we give the possibility to travel for short or long periods of time.

"I was looking for the right opportunity to go abroad, to apply my knowledge in Engineering. After a year here in Italy for a training program I achieved my goal: now I’m working in our French branch and recently I also acquired a role of team coordinating."
Technical Engineer ERMO


Some meetings are organized periodically in order to define and share all commercial and technical development projects. For example, the Global Sales Meeting, is a meeting to be held two times a year in one of the world plants of the group. It represents an opportunity to discuss regarding the goals, strategies, monitoring of the sales results.

"After less than a year I was hired, I had the opportunity to participate for the first time in the Global Innovation Meeting that was held in France. They were very intense days, full of appointments and opportunities, but most of all, a useful moment to interact with all the other colleagues from around the world!"
R&D Engineer

Continuous training

Part of the support we offer is in terms of constant training that will be part of the journey to help you to strive to achieve your potential and the opportunity to continue your growth and enhancement. We constantly invest in the development of our employees. People involved in at least one training project in the 2015 consisted of approximately 75% of the total employees.

"After my high school diploma I started to work in INglass. From the first day the company continued and completed my training, following me step by step and inserted me in a training program with other young people who taking were taking their first steps in the design world.  This first year in the company was characterized by personal and professional growth!"
Hot runners Design Engineer

Young & dynamic environment

The average age of the employees is 37.3 years, 43.8 for management team. In all the production plants there are multi-cultural partners, with the highest percentage of nationalities.  Within Italy we have over 13% multi-cultural team members.

"Starting with my first job interviews within Inglass, after diploma, what was quite apparent is the presence of young employees, all within my age group."
Hot Runners assembly Operator

Career Programs

In INglass we promote the development of the professional career because we believe that the development of personal skill is important in order to have a stimulated team to achieve the corporate goals.  With the progress of your career we will help you to expand your skills through training programs and the possibility to deal with interesting and challenging projects.

"I have been working in INglass for more than 10 years, I never had time to be bored! I started as design engineer, then when I was 29 years old I had the chance to open and coordinate the Indian branch that in these years grew significantly, and that permit me to manage a group of thirty persons. Now, at the age of 30, my wish to establish in Italy led me to accept a new challenge in the American market." 
Key Account Manager


INglass is always attentive to the understanding of professional and business needs with the personal and family necessities of our employees.  Inglass has tried to develop a personnel policy oriented towards the family. This is the reason why the company in the 2014 participated to “Audit Famiglia & Lavoro” project, gaining the triennial certification by the Auditrat authority regarding the balance of family and work life of its employees. Measures were elaborated in order to achieve improvement objectives in the following areas of intervention: working hours, organization and work process, information and communication, components and remuneration and benefits, services for family.

"I have been working in INglass for around 10 years, I arrived here after my degree and during the years I had the opportunity to grow in the professional and personal life and my priorities changed: marriage, a new house and a new born in the family! After the normal period of maternity leave, the company gave me the opportunity to manage my work in a flexible way, giving me more time to spend with my son!"
Mould Sales Account

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